PJSC “Sumy Frunze Machine-Building Science and Production Association” has long-standing traditions in producing welding electrodes. Manual arc welding was first time used at the plant in 1929 and in the beginning of 1930s there was created a workshop for producing welding electrodes using the liquid bath method. 

In 1936 our specialists, with the help of scientists from E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute, became the pioneers of successful stainless steel welding using covered electrodes of their own production.

Production Capacities Development

Rapid plant development in the post war years predetermined the necessity of welding electrodes production renovation. Electrode coating press, equipment for sodium silicate and charging material production was designed on the plant and this equipment was used until 1986. During this period the produced electrodes range was much broadened, their quality became better and production capacity reached 300 tons a year.

The beginning of 1980s became a period of active fuel, electric and nuclear power industry development so the plant actively manufactured equipment for the oil and gas extraction, for the main gas lines and oil lines and also for nuclear stations. High demands to the welding electrodes quality, their compliance with the international standards, growing production of unique equipment for chemical industry became a push for the plant full reconstruction.

​In 1986-1987 Public Joint Stock Company “Sumy Frunze Machine-Building Science and Production Association”, using the project of JSC Hyprochimmash, built and put into operation the new workshop for welding electrodes production with the square of 28 300 m2.

​Some of the new technological equipment was manufactured by the plant itself but the main part was supplied by the company “Mansa-Sudazh”(Switzerland), including:

  • electrode coating press,
  • powerful counter-flow mixer,
  • equipment set for the sodium silicate production,
  • electric chamber furnace
  • straightening and parting machines,
  • grinding mill of continuous operation,
  • five-fold drawing machine,
  • machine for fluxed-core wire production,
  • laboratory equipment set for the production of test electrodes parties,
  • control equipment

Scientific and Development Base

Electrodes manufacturing of the modern technical level and highest quality is possible thanks to longstanding experience and high skilled and qualified workers and engineers of the plant, the mutual aim of all the specialists and administrative stuff of the plant - to make its development successful. Close technical cooperation with the leading scientists of the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute is also of much help and benefit.

Scientific and Manufacturing Welding Center (SMWC) coordinates the electrodes manufacturing process, since it has the necessary scientific and technical basis for serial production manufacturing, for the new welding materials research and for the ready goods control.

Modernization of Welding Electrodes Production

New production capacities of high qualified electrodes were implemented in the short time period; including the units for: grinding and raw material preparation, sodium silicate preparation, electrode core production, charging materials dosing, electrodes thermo- processing, wire drawing, fluxed core wire production. Each sector was either completely new or completely modernized.

Thanks to the new workshop for welding electrodes production electrodes quality corresponds to the modern technical demands, the electrodes assortment was much broadened, the production capacity reached 1000tons.

All the production stages are under steady control so the electrodes quality is very high which is approved by the certificates of UKRSEPRO for 31 electrode grades and certification of the whole production process.