Electrodes for welding of cast iron and coloured

Electrodes for welding and surfacing of copper commercially pure Komsomolets-100

Brief description of electrodes for copper welding and its alloys

Copper has high thermal and electrical conductivity, high fluidity of the molten metal. It is characterized by activity at interaction with gases, particularly with oxygen and hydrogen that can cause porosity in the weld metal and microcracks. To prevent such defects in welded joints shall be applied only well raskolennuyu copper. Welding should be performed carefully calcined electrodes, welded elements where they overlap the seams needs to be well stripped to bare metal, removing oxides, dirt, grease, etc.

When welding brass and bronze meets additional difficulties. Brass welding is difficult because of intensive evaporation of zinc, bronze welding — high fragility and low strength in the heated state.