At the end of October, the Ukrainian delegation, including the employees of Sumy-Electrode LTD, a subsidiary of PJSC “Sumy NPO”, visited the Polish city of Sosnowiec. They took part in the international exhibition ExpoWELDING-2016. This significant event in the field of welding technology is considered to be an effective instrument of business promotion for those who represent their products as well as those who are eyeing proposed.
This significant event in the field of welding technologies is considered to be an effective tool for promoting the business both for those who represent their products and for those who look at the proposed.

According to the head of the commercial department of  LTD "Sumy-Electrode", Tatiana Oleinikova, our state was represented by about ten people. The initiator of the trip was the Institute of Electric Welding. E.O. Paton of the NAS of Ukraine. With samples of domestic products, the visitors of the forum were offered to familiarize themselves with Kiev and Sumy enterprises engaged in the production of powder, welding wires and electrodes.

"This event is leading on the expanses of Central and Eastern Europe, it attracts representatives of various continents. Why? It is here, among other things, the leaders of the welding industry talk about the latest technological innovations in this field. For example, the current exhibition interested producers and potential customers from such leading countries as Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Norway, Finland ... Therefore, we had a good opportunity to assess the level of competitors, moods and needs of our market segment, "says Tatiana Oleinikova.

As the interlocutor assures, the stands of LTD Sumy-Electrode did not remain without visitors' attention, in spite of the fact that the company was seen here for the first time. In particular, Polish metallurgists were actively questioning their products.
"We went to the exhibition in order to find new customers. They returned with the prospects of cooperation, but in order for them to turn into real deliveries, it is necessary to start a long process of negotiations. Now we are making every effort to still be able to supply our electrodes to the European Union, "- sums up Tatiana Oleinikova.