Electrodes for welding cast iron

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Brief description of the electrodes for welding of cast iron

To the group of electrodes for welding and surfacing of cast iron are the electrodes for elimination through cold welding and surfacing of defects in cast iron castings, as well as the electrodes used in repair of defective equipment and the restoration of worn parts. In some cases, the electrodes can be used in the manufacture of welded-cast structures.

Electrodes for cold welding and surfacing of cast iron are not standardized and produced by individual specifications. They allow to obtain a weld metal (weld metal) with the desired properties of steel, alloys based on copper, Nickel, iron-Nickel alloy.

For cold welding and surfacing of cast iron (ie, welding and surfacing performed without pre-heating) is characterized by a process with minimal heat input rollers short length of 25-60 mm, with each superimposed roller cooling in air to a temperature not more than 600C. Sometimes one needs to forge each bead with light hammer blow.